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Cube Consultants

CUBE  Consultants – An Architectural Visionary Studio based in Cairo, Egypt, was founded in 1990 by Dr. Ashraf Abdel Mohsen, Ain Shams University – Architecture Professor and a firm believer that “The quality of Architecture could impact the Quality of Life”.

At the heart of Cube Consultants, There’s a different perspective to the outer world. Passion is spread out by its talented designers… those creative mindsets… that cooperate and collaborate, in order to create and implement unique visions all over Egypt. It all began as “Abdel Mohsen” insisted on reviving Our luxurious Egypt, as it used to be… They all worked along with this unparalleled approach of development to creating progressive redesigns of the whole city.

  • Clients:
    Ashraf Abdel Mohsen
  • Category:
    Web Design
  • Date:
    20 May, 2019